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When issue arise in families that require remediation sometimes letting a judge decide the outcome is not the most ideal situation. Many people do not want to relinquish the decision making power to a judge, magistrate, or jury. Some people also want to avoid going through a long process to reach a conclusion. In these types of situations, a mediation is sometimes the appropriate choice. A mediation simply put is a meeting between the two parties which is mediated by a third party, usually a court ordered mediator.

Mediation allows for the involved parties to discuss the issues between them in a calm and constructive setting. If any issues should arise such as arguments or emotional outbursts the mediator steps in to calm things down. Often the mediator helps the parties to understand what each other is trying to say. It is often very helpful and productive to have a mediator facilitate these types of meeting but of course it depends on the type of relationship and level of communication you have with the other parties.

Our skilled attorneys know how to prepare you for these types of meeting as well as protect your interests. Often times because of the informal nature of mediations parties don’t understand that the agreements made are legally binding or may not act in way that protects their interests. Our attorneys will make sure that these proceedings are scheduled and executed so that your wishes are fulfilled.

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